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Dear fellow followers of Jesus,

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a great time celebrating Easter this year. As Easter draws to a close with Ascension Day (May 14) and Pentecost just around the corner (May 24), I’m looking forward to a time of The Church. There really is nothing better than the stories of Jesus and all he did while on earth, but the way the disciples take off in ministry after the coming of the Holy Spirit is an exciting experience.

It is really quite amazing to watch Peter grow into such a powerful and dynamic preacher; and to witness the exploits of the other disciples as they continue the movement Jesus began.

Before we do all that, however, it is back to the Gospel of Mark. We will see the things that Jesus did to model ministry and teach his disciples how to carry on after his death, resurrection and ascension.

As I meet with the children in the After School Program in our remaining weeks, I will be talking with them about “meeting Jesus in a new way.” Jesus was different after his resurrection and he didn’t stick around too long, so we look at all the things he did and said before the crucifixion in a “new way.”

Rather than focusing forward as we did during Lent, our post-Easter reflections on the stories of Jesus’ ministry with his disciples challenges us to see him and our lives of mission and ministry in a new way. We are Easter people, people of the Resurrection, and, as such, the Holy Spirit is alive in us. Just as the disciples were able to move forward without Jesus being physically present to lead them, our ministry together depends on the guidance, the pull, and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Praying God’s mighty blessings on you, as we see what God has in store for our faith community in the coming weeks.

Pastor Sally