Our Staff

Pastor Micah Cavaleri

Micah moved to the UP in 2009 and lives in Houghton with his wife, Molly, and his daughter, Lilia. Liturgical prayer and meditation are Micah’s passions in ministry, and the most important parts of his life are his family and the church. Micah is in the office Monday through Thursday mornings and invites you for a visit.

Katie Bridgers, Administrative Ministry Coordinator

Katie has been working at Grace Lutheran since 2009 as the Administrative Ministry Coordinator.  Katie and her husband Paul have 3 children: Heather, Crystal and Chance. Katie and her family are active members of Grace, enjoy being outdoors and spending time together as a family.

Laurie Aho, Treasurer

Laurie grew up in Dollar Bay. She and her husband Randy, a Grace member since childhood, made their home in Dollar Bay until moving to Atlantic Mine in 2004. They enjoy spending time with their four grown children and two grandchildren. Laurie was appointed Treasurer in 2012.

Emily Raffaelli, Choir Director/Accompanist

Emily and her husband Gary are active at Grace with their children, Louis and Pearl. She enjoys both rehearsal time and directing the choir on Sunday mornings. She is also a very busy music and band teacher at the high school and elementary school.

Chance Bridgers, Custodian

Chance has been working at Grace Lutheran since 2018 as the Custodian. Chance helps with Sunday School and is an active member of Grace. He enjoys football, playing his guitar and being outdoors and spending time with his family.

Vicar Micah Cavaleri