Come, Holy Spirit, and set our hearts on fire!

We have our treasure in jars of clay. The treasure we have is beyond compare for it is the glory of God the Father shining in the face of His Son Jesus Christ. We may be fragile, but the Father promises to make us into new vessels able to hold the treasure that is the eternal life given by the Spirit. I believe even now our God is making us into new vessels by the joys and trials of life. The cracks we develop along the way will become lines in the beautiful mosaic that will be our life in the embrace of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

On Saturday, June 16th, from 10am to noon, we will gather for the next installment of our look at the practices of the early Church. This month we will reflect on the meaning of the Sacrament of Communion. Together we will partake of the Eucharist, the great thanksgiving, and then ask what it means to share in the Body and Blood of Christ, how the Sacrament heals us and why it is so important to return to the Lord’s table again and again.

Our Synod assembly was held this past month in Marquette. It was a joy to see the work that our bishop is doing on behalf of our congregations as she looks to prepare the Church for a new chapter in its history. Bishop Finegan sees that we are all members of the Body of Christ, with gifts to share with all the people of God and the world. Ministry, in her vision, belongs to all of us, whether that is visiting a sick friend, teaching Sunday school, helping with the church’s audit or being a friendly face for a newcomer. The lesson I took away from our meeting is that each of us can find our joy in some project and that is our ministry. Ministry should give us life and give the Church life.

From June 18th to July 1st, I will be in Saint Paul, Minnesota for my studies at Luther Seminary. If you need to talk I am only a phone call or an email away. But we will also have an emergency contact in place and Pastor Bob Langseth will be joining us for worship the two Sundays I am out of town.

As always, I am here for you and want to hear from you. Drop by my office, grab me after church or stop me at Walmart… I look forward to talking with you.

With faith and hope and love,


Vicar Micah Cavaleri