Come, Holy Spirit, and set our hearts on fire!

The Spirit strengthens my inner being. And yet, I know I remain weak. It will not be long before I fall, if history promises anything. The Spirit, though, is a strength in my weakness. I am given the opportunity to love a friend, and then I know that the Spirit is with me. By faith and love, this life is made a holy life, even with all the brokenness. By grace, I see that my weakness is a gift to others.

On Saturday, August 25th, from 10am to noon, we will gather for the final installment of our look at the practices of the early Church. We will explore the Rule of Paul, a look at the power of our voices within the Church. The morning will begin with a Blessing of Our Voices and a quiet service moved by the Holy Spirit. After our service, we will see what it means for us to each be leaders of the Church and voices guided by the Spirit.

LifeTouch is putting together a new photo-directory for Grace. The pictures will be taken September 14th and 15th. Please sign up for your pictures by August 12th.

As always, I am here for you and want to hear from you. Drop by my office,grab me after church or stop me at Walmart… I look forward to talking with you.

With faith and hope and love,


Vicar Micah Cavaleri