Grace Lutheran Church is a caring community of disciples, proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ.

There is always room in God’s family for you!

Many people think family only applies when we are related by blood. Here at Grace Lutheran Church of South Range, we are related by blood; the blood of Jesus, who lived and loved, suffered and died, and rose again so we would be reconciled to God. As beloved children of God, we are all related.

So…whether you’re a family of one or dozens, you are family to us. Our worship, faith formation activities, community service and witness are grounded in key tenets of the Lutheran Church.

  • If you participate in worship, using written resources to guide your involvement, please join us.
  • If you are a grateful forgiven sinner, please join us.
  • If you long to rely on the presence of God and the prayers of your community, please join us.
  • If you believe that God the Father, Christ the Son and the Holy Spirit are one God, please join us.
  • If you want to know how God’s love works, please join us.
  • If you would like to know more about God’s grace, please join us.

Dear Partners in the Gospel,

I’ve been thinking…

About the book I’m reading. Several members of the council and congregation are reading this summer. We are reading a book on Real Life Evangelism by Martha Grace Reese, titled Unbinding the Gospel. This book came out of the Mainline Evangelism Project study and contains just one chapter of statistics that demonstrate the signs of a turn in the church. The rest of the book is filled with stories; stories of Jesus, stories of prayer, stories of revitalization and the spiritual growth of today’s disciples.

Unbinding the Gospel is the first of a four-book series that (as of 2007) have been used in 12,000 congregations in 50 states, 49 denominations (including many ELCA), and 8 countries to enliven congregations and spread the good news of Jesus Christ.

Early in the book, Reese shares three stories from three different congregations; each in varying levels of success, each with a diversity of membership and ministries. Each story opens up the reader to the significance of prayer. “Pray,” says the associate minister of Benton Street Christian Church, “And do not make any decisions for three months. Pray together, pray alone, pray with and pray for those who don’t even know they need the church.”

Prayer is the key! Reese even includes a format for a 40-day prayer journey in the back of the book. “Prayer is the way we stay in love with God” and receive all the good that God has to provide. As we experience God’s grace through prayer, we experience transformation, not only as individuals, but as communities. Prayer changes things!

Whether you decide to read the book along with us (Katie still has several copies in her office) or you pray, you become an integral part of sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.

Thanks for your prayers as you participate in the spread of the Gospel.

Pastor Sally

You are invited to a Learning Circle!

Click the book below for more information.


God’s Work Our Hands

The Grace Outreach Committee is working with the Foreman House as part of God’s Work Our Hands this year. We are asking our congregation to help us out with this meaningful project. The Foreman House is holding a book sale at their shelter (located on Trimountain Ave in South Range). The sale will be Friday, October 9th from 12:00pm to 6:00pm and Saturday, October 10th from 9:00am to 2:00pm. We need help with working the table, donating books, donating bags, setting up and cleaning up. If you would like to help, or need more information please see Heather Aro, Chris Davis or Katie Bridgers. Thank you for
joining us for God’s Work Our Hands.

Council Highlights

There was no council meeting in June. Watch this spot for the highlights of the July 19 meeting.

as-a-way-of-concluding-our-church-music-month-i-offer-the-FqSFGm-clipartWould you be interested in providing accompaniment for worship once or twice a month?

Would you be interested in providing accompaniment for worship once or twice a month?

We are looking for someone skilled in piano (organ would be nice), who is familiar with or can learn Lutheran liturgies to be part of a group of rotating musicians for Sunday 11 am worship.

If you are interested, please contact the office for more information.