c603258a778798205e4b8922a2193f05NEEDED: A church musician to accompany our singing in worship. Able to learn and play liturgical music on a piano and/or organ.

If you would like more information, please contact the church office at 906-482-2011.

If you would like to be considered for this position, please apply to Pastor Sally Wilke with a cover letter and resume. All replies will be acknowledged.

  • You may drop it at the church office: Grace Lutheran Church, 45476 N. Highway M-26, South Range, MI
  • Or… you may mail it to the church at PO Box 249
  • Or… you may email to: pastorsally@gracesouthrange.com.

Dear Friends,

Coming from just a little further south of here, I never have expectations about spring on the day the calendar calls the first day of spring, but I do sort of look forward to all the signs of spring that come in April. Like today, for instance. It is the last day of March, but it is raining and it is likely to continue raining until (it turns back to snow) this particular front passes through.

With an early Easter, this is also the time of year that a new Jesus passes through. When I share the post-Easter stories with the children, I refer to the disciples and others as meeting Jesus in a new way. No longer the preacher, teacher, healer on his way to death. He is the preacher, teacher, healer, resurrected and calling us all to new life in him.

Notice how Jesus “passes through” the walls of the locked upper room to let his disciples see him and know that he is alive (Sunday, April 3). And how he “passes through” on the beach, unrecognized at first by his disciples, but later known in a new way as he serves them breakfast (Sunday, April 10). On the fourth Sunday of Easter (April 17), we are reminded that Jesus was, is and always will be the Good Shepherd, whether walking with the disciples or walking with us. The reminder to us to love one another, heard on Maundy Thursday, is repeated on April 24th and it may impact each of us in a brand new way.

The post-Easter stories include after resurrection sightings of Jesus, as well as the older stories shared shortly before his arrest in Jerusalem. Because of the resurrection, all the stories are new and introduce us to the Jesus we may not have known before now. All the stories —whether we hear them on Sunday morning or Wednesday afternoon or we read them for ourselves — all the stories give us a glimpse of the new life to which we are called.

All those dead looking trees and branches, all that snow covered dirt, will soon be sprouting with new life for us to treasure and enjoy. We take delight in the new life that appears in spring. Can you imagine the delight God takes in our acceptance of the new life we are given?

As we continue to celebrate Easter into May, my prayer is that each day of each week, we find new life…in the world…in each other…in ourselves.


Pastor Sally

April Council Highlights

  1. Pastor’s report ~ Pastor Sally requested reimbursement for ½ the amount of her new eye glasses and exam which would be about $100.00.  Council approved.
  2. Treasurer’s report ~ Council approved to put the “road work fund” of $5,500.00 into current.  This money was paid to Grace from MDOT when they redid the highway.
  3. Gift Acceptance Policy ~ Memorial gift policy will change to “Memorial and Other Gifts” and wording changes concerning non-cash gifts incorporated into the policy which will be brought back to council for approval in May.
  4. Nominating Committee ~ Sally will be asking for volunteers to be on the nominating committee during announcements this coming Sunday, April 24th.
  5. AA Rent ~ AA has requested their rent of $40.00 per month to be lowered to possibly $20.00 per month.  They cannot afford the current rate.  Council approved that AA pay only a free will donation if they can.
  6. Accepted another $100 cash gift from the Lion’s Club for the After School Program which means that this year’s program was run totally on donations.

Grace Lutheran Church is a caring community of disciples,
proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ.

Many people think family only applies when we are related by blood. Here at Grace Lutheran Church of South Range, we are related by blood; the blood of Jesus, who lived and loved, suffered and died, and rose again so we would be reconciled to God. As beloved children of God, we are all related.

So…whether you’re a family of one or dozens, you are family to us. Our worship, faith formation activities, community service and witness are grounded in key tenets of the Lutheran Church.

  • If you participate in worship, using written resources to guide your involvement, please join us.
  • If you are a grateful forgiven sinner, please join us.
  • If you long to rely on the presence of God and the prayers of your community, please join us.
  • If you believe that God the Father, Christ the Son and the Holy Spirit are one God, please join us.
  • If you want to know how God’s love works, please join us.
  • If you would like to know more about God’s grace, please join us.

There is always room in God’s family for you!