Grace Lutheran Church is a caring community of disciples,
proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ.

Many people think family only applies when we are related by blood. Here at Grace Lutheran Church of South Range, we are related by blood; the blood of Jesus, who lived and loved, suffered and died, and rose again so we would be reconciled to God. As beloved children of God, we are all related.

So…whether you’re a family of one or dozens, you are family to us. Our worship, faith formation activities, community service and witness are grounded in key tenets of the Lutheran Church.

  • If you participate in worship, using written resources to guide your involvement, please join us.
  • If you are a grateful forgiven sinner, please join us.
  • If you long to rely on the presence of God and the prayers of your community, please join us.
  • If you believe that God the Father, Christ the Son and the Holy Spirit are one God, please join us.
  • If you want to know how God’s love works, please join us.
  • If you would like to know more about God’s grace, please join us.

There is always room in God’s family for you!

Pastor Sally Wilke

Coming May 9th: The Juggler With The Yellow shoes

Dan Kirk is The Juggler With The Yellow Shoes and he’ll be invading Dollar Bay, MI on Saturday, May 9, 2015 with a FREE family outreach program to begin at 2 PM with the doors to open at 1:15 PM. A FREE WILL offering will be collected. The show will be held at Dollar Bay School Auditorium, 48475 Maple Drive, Dollar Bay, MI and is sponsored by First Lutheran Church of Dollar Bay. Dan is looking for a few additional partners. If you’d like to be a part of this awesome event please call or email Dan Kirk.

Let’s benefit a local food bank. Please bring a new non perishable food item to the May 9th event!

And on Friday, May 8, 2015, Dan Kirk will be performing and speaking to the students of South Range Elementary School about bullying. He’ll be presenting his STOP Bullying program to the Kindergarten through 6th grade students at 1:30 PM.

Dan’s stage shows are fast paced, action packed, juggling adventures for all ages. This is a family show that is COOL enough for kids, EDGY enough for teens, SMART enough for adults, and HIP enough for seniors! Bring the whole family and don’t forget Grandma.

When Dan isn’t performing for church events, Dan enjoys performing at Fairs and Festivals across the nation, and he enjoys presenting educational assembly programs for elementary, middle and high school students. Dan provides a variety of educational juggling programs for schools. They are: Say No To Drugs, Reading Is GRAND, The D.A.N. Show, Just For Fun, Family Night, and STOP Bullying. Plus Dan enjoys teaching the art of juggling to students of all ages.

Long Range Plan: Renewing Our Church, 2015-2020:

Click here to view our Mission Statement and Guiding Principles established for the next three to five years.

What a difference a year makes.

Last year, at this time, we had considerably more snow and much colder weather. Last year, it was winter, with nary a tad of spring showing up. This year, it is more spring-like, with the occasional dollop of winter. Despite the education and the skill level of local meteorologists, there is really no predicting the weather.

And, despite our familiarity with the stories of Lent, Passover and Easter, there is still no predicting what God will do. Just as God brings life out of death in ways we don’t understand, God continues to make all things new. The flowers never come up quite like they did last year, and the trees bud on their own timetable.

The followers of Jesus are many, and God continues to do a new thing with us, as well.

Some are still very curious about this man from Galilee, this man who turned the world upside down with his promises of God’s kingdom come near. We talked, during Lent,

about characteristics and actions of Jesus that might surprise us. We heard the stories in new ways. Guided by the Holy Spirit, we can read the stories of Jesus, and watch, as God does a new thing.

Some of Jesus’ followers have been believers from the cradle and have a lifetime of living with Jesus, and experiencing his personal touch on their lives. Yet, God continues to do a new thing with them, as well. Think of the rich man who knew and followed the commandments, whose life was one of devotion to God, but wondered what else he needed to do to be saved. Jesus’ response caught him off guard and, it appears, he chose not to follow at that time.

Do we want God to catch us off guard? Some of us talked recently about the wonderful and amazing things God has done for us in our lives, and yet, we still hesitate at giving God the one thing most desired, our total surrender. Total surrender, that’s what Jesus was asking of the rich young man, and that is what we are invited to, as God surprises us with new life.

Waiting with you, as God makes new things,

Pastor Sally